Threads That Bind

Threads That Bind

Hatzopoulou, Kika

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352 pages | paperback |
In a world where the children of the gods inherit their powers, a descendant of the Greek Fates must solve a series of impossible murders to save her sisters, her soulmate, and her city.

In the sunken city of Alante, the gods’ powers have been passed down through the generations. As descendants of the three Greek Fates, Io Ora and her two sisters have always been able to see and manipulate people’s threads—the invisible lines that connect people to the things they love and to life itself. As the youngest, Io is the cutter, able to sever a thread with a simple gesture.
She uses her abilities as a private investigator in the Silts, the crime-ridden slums of the city. But while on a routine case, she witnesses a murder committed by a woman whose life-thread is severed, but who is still—impossibly—alive.
Io survives the attack, but soon finds herself entangled in an investigation that reaches from the depths of the Silts to the heights of City Plaza. And the conspiracy she uncovers involves the mob boss of the Silts, the idealistic new city commissioner, the most powerful group of women in the city, Io’s own sisters, and even Io’s fate-thread—the boy with whom she shares a thread linking them as soulmates.
To stop the murders, Io will have to figure out who created the wraiths and who commanded them to kill, before her city—or her sisters—collapse under the wraiths’ attacks.

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