The Tenth Girl PB

The Tenth Girl PB

Sara Faring

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480 pages | Trade Paperback

Simmering in dark Patagonian myth, The Tenth Girl is a gothic YA psychological thriller with a giant twist that everyone will be talking about.

Looming at the very southern tip of Patagonia, the Vacarro family's finishing school is rumored to be haunted. Legend has it there is a curse on the land to ruin all those who settled there.

When young Mavi arrives for a teaching position, she’s determined to write off the initial signs: the brushes of cold air, the missing student, and the warnings not to roam the halls at night. But the spirits haunting this dark place won’t be ignored, and a cruel fate seems inescapable.

One of these spirits befriends Mavi in hopes of redemption, but the spirit's dark secret changes everything. Together, they must learn the rules of this cosmic game, or Mavi's very existence will shatter.