The Social CEO : How Social Media Can Make You A Stronger Leader
Damian Corbet

The Social CEO : How Social Media Can Make You A Stronger Leader

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312 pages | Hardcover 

Insights into why CEOs need to get social for business success, and how they can become effective social leaders.

While business leaders may feel that it’s enough to hire social media managers and amend their marketing strategies, Damian Corbet shows why organizations need to do more to succeed in the Social Age—why CEOs need to “get social” to survive.
The Social CEO sets out to educate and inspire senior leaders to embrace the Social Age, teaching them the hows and whys of utilizing social media in order to make them stronger leaders. Social CEOs can effectively encourage engagement from their employees as well as other stakeholders and customers; they’re better able to communicate their organization’s objectives and values, gauge the climate in which they operate, and improve their brand image.
Offering invaluable contributions from industry-recognized experts in social business, The Social CEO explores the many aspects of leading in the Social Age, such as storytelling, personal branding, managing risk, and public relations. With chapters also written by practicing “social CEOs” working across a variety of sectors, from healthcare to sports, the book provides a wealth of insight into how social media can be used to gain a competitive advantage.


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