The Outcast : Prequel to the Summoner Trilogy

The Outcast : Prequel to the Summoner Trilogy

Taran Matharu

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400 pages | Trade Paperback

The fourth book in the New York Times–bestselling Summoner YA series is the prequel story of Arcturus and how he rose from boy summoner to head of Vocans Academy.

When stable boy Arcturus accidentally summons a demon and becomes Hominum's first common summoner, he becomes the key to a secret that the powerful overlords would do anything to keep hidden.

Whisked away to Vocans Academy so he can be kept watch over, Arcturus finds himself surrounded by enemies. But he has little time to settle in before his life is turned upside down once again, for Hominum Empire is in turmoil.

Rebellious intent simmers among the masses, and it will not be long before it boils over. Arcturus must choose a side . . . or watch an Empire crumble.