The Librarian of Saint-Malo \ La bibliotecaria de Saint-Malo (Spanish edition)

The Librarian of Saint-Malo \ La bibliotecaria de Saint-Malo (Spanish edition)

Mario Escobar

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352 pages | Paperback

From Spanish bestselling author Mario Escobar comes a gripping, achingly beautiful novel about the letters between librarian Jocelyn Ferrec and author Marcel Zola, depicting the romance between Jocelyn and her love, Antoine Ferrec.

After the French capitulation of June 22, 1940, the Nazis occupied the town of Saint-Malo and turned it into a stronghold in their famous Atlantic Fortress, to control the north of French Brittany. Its inhabitants tried to passively resist their occupants, they belonged to a long tradition of privateers and fearless men, but Andreas von Aulock, the colonel in charge of his custody was an implacable man, who stifled even the slightest attempt at opposition. The German colonel ordered the purge of libraries and libraries in the city, to get rid of subversive writings, following the guidelines of the famous Otto List. The librarian of Saint-Malo tells the story of Jocelyn and Antoine Ferrec, a life full of love and literature. Pure hearts must shine even in the darkest moment of their history. Jocelyn begins to write to the famous writer Marcel Zola, to talk about his passion for books and begin a beautiful friendship epistolary. Little by little, the librarian tells her her love story and the different misfortunes she is going through after the Nazi occupation of her village Saint-Malo.

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