The Dirty Girls Social Club : A Novel

The Dirty Girls Social Club : A Novel

Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez

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336 pages |  Trade Paperback


The vibrant New York Times bestselling novel of six friends—each one an unforgettable Latina in her late 20s—and the complications and triumphs in their lives.

The beloved classic novel about six friends who form the Dirty Girls Social Club, with a new introduction by the author.

Las sucias are:
—Lauren, the resident "caliente" columnist for the local paper, which advertises her work with the line "her casa is su casa, Boston," but whose own home life has recently involved catching her boyfriend in the act
—Sara, the perfect wife and mother who always knew exactly the life she wanted and got it, right down to the McMansion in the suburbs and two boisterious boys, but who is paying a hefty price
—Amber, raised a valley girl without a word of Spanish and whose increasing attachment to her Mexica roots coincides with a major record label's interest in her rock 'n' roll
—Elizabeth, the stunning black Latina whose job as a morning television anchor conflicts with her intensely private personal life
—Rebecca, intense and highly controlled, who flawlessly runs Ella, the magazine she created, but who can't explain why she didn't understand the man she married; and
—Usnavys, irrepressible and larger than life, whose agenda to land the kind of man who can keep her in Manolo Blahniks and platanos almost prevents her seeing true love when it lands in her lap.