The Shift : Poetry for a New Perspective

The Shift : Poetry for a New Perspective

Melody Godfred

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Paperback  | 160 pages

The world has changed – but thankfully so have we. The Shift: Poetry for a New Perspective embodies the best of who we are now. From Melody Godfred, author of Self Love Poetry: for Thinkers & Feelers, comes a collection of poems designed to reframe how we see and move through this brave new, post-pandemic world.

Each pair of poems inspires a shift from the old way of thinking to the new: from guilt to gratitude, resistance to surrender, and fear to love. The left side of every spread is dedicated to the old way. The right side offers a shift in perspective that lovingly illuminates the new. Each seemingly simple poem instantly elicits a profound reset, and is coupled with beautiful line drawings that awaken not just the mind, but also the heart. The Shift’s unique poem pairings uplift the soul by offering a hopeful salve for our collective burnout.
Whether you read a pair of poems a day, or consume the entire book in one sitting, The Shift will be your trusted companion as you bravely navigate the great unknown that lies ahead in the months, years and decades to come.

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