The Lost Dreamer

The Lost Dreamer

Lizz Huerta

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384 pages | Hardcover 

In this stunning YA fantasy debut, first in a duology, Lizz Huerta introduces us to a fantastical version of an ancient Mesoamerican world and a lineage of women seers defiantly resisting the shifting patriarchal state that would see them destroyed.

Indir is a Dreamer, able to enter the Dreaming and see beyond reality. But when a new king takes the throne, he plans to end the time-honored tradition of Dreamers—and he’ll have the opportunity if he discovers the two secrets Indir keeps.

Saya is a seer without training. Her mother exploits Saya’s talent, passing it off as her own. When Saya discovers she has more gifts, she begins to suspect that her life is a carefully-constructed lie. She will risk it all in search of answers.

With a detailed, supernaturally-charged setting and topical themes of patriarchal power, female strength, and the horrors of family separation, The Lost Dreamer brings an ancient world to life, mirroring the challenges of our modern one.


Staff pick by Adriana: 

The Lost Dreamer is a stunning, ancient mesoamerica inspired fantasy that follows Indir, descended from a long line of seers called Dreamers, on her quest to save her people, and Saya, who is a seer but not a Dreamer on her journey to uncover the truth about her past in order to fulfill her destiny. This is a story full of vibrant culture that deserves to be read, loved and celebrated.

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