The Little Box of Self-care : 50 practices to soothe body and mind

The Little Box of Self-care : 50 practices to soothe body and mind

Suzy Reading

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This beautiful 50-card deck will help you reconnect with yourself, restore your energies and find a mindful moment to restore your inner peace, no matter how busy your day

Daily self-care is necessary for helping us replenish our energy, restore our connection to our inner selves and heal ourselves when we are hurt. Central to self-care is the idea that taking care of yourself is not selfish - it is essential to your health and wellbeing. 

In our fast-moving modern world it's easy to become so stressed and frazzled that we lose sight of what we can do to recuperate and ground ourselves in the here and now. But we all need to take time to sit with our emotions, heal ourselves and recharge our batteries. 

In this beautiful deck, Suzy Reading offers practical and inspiring ways to stress-proof your body and mind, with 50 self-care practices to choose from. Flick through the cards to find a practice that fits your needs in the current moment, or take a card or two with you as you go about your day, to help reconnect with yourself and find a mindful moment wherever you are. 

The cards include practices for:
-    Rest & relaxation
-    Energy boosters
-    Mind management
-    Emotional first aid