SAT Level Up! Math

SAT Level Up! Math

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NO FRILLS, JUST DRILLS. Know what’s on the test but want more practice? SAT Level Up! Math contains over 375 questions across the most frequently seen Assessment Objects on the SAT. Create your own practice regiment by choosing specific Objects to complete, or simply go through all the questions for an all-round review on core SAT Math topics!

With comprehensive test prep books dominating the SAT market, many students already know what will be on the exam and which topics they need more help with. The SAT Level Up! series provides plenty of that targeted help, with hundreds of practice questions divided into easy, medium, and hard difficulty levels so you can up your game as you increase your confidence. The Math book covers 16 essential Assessment Objects and provides 24 questions for each topic, allowing test takers to easily choose to work on specific topics. Each Object will have 6 easy, 12 medium, and 6 hard questions, making this title suitable for students on all academic levels or with varying SAT experience.

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