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When we think of Puerto Rican food culture, the merging of the sweet and savory reveals itself more often than it has been officially acknowledged or discussed. We have developed a gastronomic patrimony that sets itself apart from that of its neighboring islands, and from the cultures that have influenced it throughout history. Puerto Rican food is habitually praised for its bold flavors and highly seasoned nature, and so we are obliged to mention sofrito, adobo, our exquisite and comforting stews and soups, and our rich and creamy sweet desserts. I have no intention of minimizing the importance of these traits in our cuisine. Nonetheless, it is worth noting that the tendency to gravitate towards incorporating a sweet element in our savory preparations is also an ongoing theme. The mere customary presence of a fried ripe plantain served as a side dish to complement most traditional savory dishes points to the core of this predicament, a habitual occurrence that instantly transports the taste buds to SaltySweet heaven.

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