Rivera, Sol

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112 pages | paperback |
A poetic narrative fiction work written by a teenage girl touching on very real issues including eating disorders, body image, puberty, and self-worth.

Written as a poetic narrative, Restrict is one girl's journey of growing up in a world that focuses more on her weight than her mental health. As the pressures to diet start to become too much, the question she faces is: Will she ever find contentment with her body in a world that focuses too much on being thin?
Author Sol Rivera, still a teenager herself and going through the similar ups and downs of adolescents, imagines this fictionalized story based on her own and others' experiences. Restrict is a story divided into 39 narrative poems, its words powerful and cathartic highlighting and not shying away from difficult things.
This is something Sol wishes existed when she was younger and now hopes to be someone's light during their own journey.

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