Restorative Yoga : Relax. Restore. Re-energize.

Restorative Yoga : Relax. Restore. Re-energize.

Caren Baginski

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208 pages | Trade Paperback

Restore your mind, body, and soul with a gentler form of yoga.

Are you new to yoga and seek a gentle practice that will help heal your body and your soul? Unlike more active forms of yoga, restorative yoga emphasizes long, gentle stretches with multiple props to support your body in complete comfort. It’s the perfect style for anyone who seeks a more holistic form of healing, or for those who are just beginning their yoga journey and just desire a friendlier approach. Restorative Yoga is the perfect step-by-step guide for creating your personal restorative journey and finding that deeper connection between the body and mind.

Here’s what you’ll find in this beautiful, highly visual guide:

39 restorative poses with beautiful photography and detailed, step-by-step instructions to take you from start to finish

17 healing sequences for a variety of physical and emotional conditions including anxiety, insomnia, exhaustion, neck and shoulder pain, and hip and back pain, including gentle poses for pregnant yoga practitioners

Practical information on the benefits of restorative yoga and how it can benefit body, mind, and soul

Simple guidance for integrating props into your routines, performing basic starting and finishing poses, creating a peaceful space for your practice, using breathing techniques, balancing your energy centers, and more