Prosperidad Verdadera

Prosperidad Verdadera


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Increasingly, people are realizing that life was not meant to be a roller-coaster ride. Yet that’s exactly what it becomes when success is defined in material terms alone. What’s the alternative? Renouncing financial good fortune is not the answer, but true prosperity means balancing business success with the overall fulfillment that makes life happy, and meaningful — no matter what happens in high-tech, real estate, or the bond market. Kabbalah teaches that both material and spiritual prosperity are predestined, if the mind is open. True Prosperity shows how simple it is to get out of your own way and into the totally successful life that was ordained for you. Drawing on timeless spiritual principles as well as real-world examples, the book covers specific topics including money and finance, health and fitness, family and relationships, and lifelong growth. True Prosperity offers a roadmap to abundance in every area of life, with no detours.

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