Peter Pan (English Classic)

Peter Pan (English Classic)

J. M. Barrie

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192 pages | Paperback

Peter Pan was written by British writer James M. Barrie. It wasoriginally conceived for the theatre and was first performed in 1904at Duke of York's Theatre in London.
This story tells theadventures of Peter Pan, the boy who didn't want to grow up, and hisfriends in the fantasy world of Neverland. One fateful night Peter Pan enters through the window of the Darling children's room to look forhis rogue shadow. Wendy, Michael and John wake up from the commotionand quickly they are completely seduced by Peter?s charm, his abilityto fly and the amazing stories of fantastic characters who live in the magical island of Neverland. The children decide to take the flightwith Peter and his fairy Tinker Bell and embark in an adventure thatwill forever change their lives and the way they see the world.
One of the most famous children?s stories in the English language, PeterPan has remained an important example of boundless imagination,compelling characters, and a timeless story.