My Brilliant Life

My Brilliant Life

Ae-ran Kim

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208 pages | Trade paperback
A universal tale of family bonds and out-of-the-ordinary friendships, for readers of Fredrik Backman, Margarita Montimore, and Laurie Frankel.

My Brilliant Life interweaves the past and present of a tight-knit family, finding joy and happiness in even the most difficult times.

Areum lives life to its fullest, vicariously through the stories of his parents, conversations with Little Grandpa Jang—his sixty-year-old neighbor and best friend—and through the books he reads to visit the places he would otherwise never see.

For several months, Areum has been working on a manuscript, piecing together his parents’ often embellished stories about his family and childhood. He hopes to present it on his birthday, as a final gift to his mom and dad; their own falling-in-love story.

Through it all, Areum and his family will have you laughing and crying, for all the right reasons.