Hush : A Novel

Hush : A Novel

Dylan Farrow

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384 pages | Hardcover 

The Belles meets The Handmaid’s Tale in this sweeping new fantasy set in a world where those in power have the magic to control—and silence—the truth.

How do you speak up in a world where propaganda is a twisted form of magic?

In the land of Montane, language is literal magic to the select few who possess the gift of Telling. This power is reserved for the Bards, a group that has almost always been men. Seventeen-year-old Shae has lived her entire life in awe of the Bards—and afraid of the Blot, a deadly disease spread by ink, which took the life of her brother five years ago. Ever since, Shae fears she’s cursed.

When her mother is found murdered with a golden dagger, Shae is convinced of foul play. Her heart set on justice, Shae journeys to High House, home of the Bards, in search of answers, only to find Cathal, the kind and generous High Lord of Montane, who instead makes Shae an offer—one she can't refuse—to train as a Bard. Shae endures backbreaking training by a ruthless female Bard, tentative and highly-forbidden feelings for a male Bard with a dark past, and a castle filled with dangerous illusions bent on keeping its secrets buried. But sometimes, the truth is closer than we think. We only have to listen.

A stunning and timely debut from activist Dylan Farrow, Hush is a powerful feminist fantasy full of surprising insights that cast a ray of light into the shadows of a society based on silencing and lies.