Hollywood Expats: A Tale Of Hollywood, Death And Love

Hollywood Expats: A Tale Of Hollywood, Death And Love

Max Milano

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Paperback | 426 Pages

An American couple in Paris, Hollywood Expats, fight for their love as Paris burns around them in the aftermath of the Bataclan terror attacks.Hollywood Expats, caught in a war between love and the end of the world as we know it.Monica is a Hollywood A-Lister living in Paris. She's on the hottest streaming show on the planet and just bought a luxurious loft with her screenwriter fiancé. She should be happy, but fate and terrorism have other plans.Monica soon discovers that her sheltered life in the height of luxury can't protect her from the savage course of history: The Bataclan terrorist attacks, a permanent migrant crisis in the channel tunnel, rioting in the streets of Los Angeles, and a global plague.As the world crumbles around her, Monica desperately struggles to find meaning in life and love, or risk being destroyed by the raging tide of history. Will love really conquer all? Or will Monica become another victim of the disasters that are bringing the world to its knees?Max Milano has delivered an epic romantic saga that takes a peek behind the veil of Hollywood glamour, echoing F. Scott Fitzgerald's "Tender is the Night." Hollywood Expats will take you on a wild ride filled with excitement, hope, tragedy, romance, and most importantly, true love.

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