Gouache in 4 Easy Steps

Gouache in 4 Easy Steps

Anna Koliadych

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192 pages | Trade Paperback

From colorful birds and beautiful peonies to starry skies and dreamy sunsets, Anna teaches you how to master gouache in just five easy steps.

15-Minute Watercolor Masterpieces, Anna’s first book, is one of our strongest selling titles. She made watercolor approachable, fun and easier than ever—and now she’s doing the same with the latest painting trend, gouache. A marriage between acrylics and watercolor, gouache is the next big thing in the art world—it’s easier to control than watercolor and allows for richer pigments and easy fixes, making it a great option for beginners.

Anna shows you just how magical gouache can be—and each of her 50 projects can be completed in just five easy-to-follow steps. Divided into chapters on beautiful landscapes, colorful flowers and plants, cute animals and more, readers will have a big variety of projects to choose from. And each step is accompanied by an image, making it even easier for readers to follow along.

Anna is the founder of DearAnnArt, an online art community with hundreds of thousands of followers.