El Infinito En La Palma de la Mano: Novela

El Infinito En La Palma de la Mano: Novela

Gioconda Belli

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Paperback | 237 pages
INFINITY IN THE PALMS OF HER HAND SPA. From international bestselling author, poet, and political activist, Gioconda Belli, comes a wholly creative feminist re-imagining of the biblical story of Adam and Eve

What was Adam and Eve’s life really like as innocents, as the first of Mankind to walk in God’s Paradise? What was behind the complex motivation for Eve to pick the forbidden apple? And what thoughts raced through both their minds once the full impact of what Eve had done was actualized.

Prepare to enter a fascinating, primitive universe that takes readers back to the very beginning, to the story which our Judeo-Christian civilization is based on. Poetry and mystery go hand in hand in this transcendent novel about Man, as never before imagined. Join Adam and Eve as they discover the world for themselves, feel their confusion and panic when faced with punishment, and observe in awe as they experience the power to give life, as well as the cruelty behind having to kill to survive.

In what is a parable for our own time, and our own uncertain future, Gioconda Belli has written a novel as beguiling as it is soulfully rewarding.

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