Easy Homemade Pottery

Easy Homemade Pottery

Francesca Stone

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176 pages | Trade Paperback

This is the essential modern guide to using air-dry and polymer clay to create gorgeous gifts and contemporary home items with a chic, minimal vibe.

Creating amazing clay home décor doesn’t require a pottery studio. Following DIY pro Francesca Stone’s easy, step-by-step techniques for working with air-dry and polymer clay, readers can craft contemporary accents for every room. These clays are affordable and easy to find, and only a few tools are required to create artisan quality home décor and gifts. This book covers everything readers need to know, including rolling and cutting the clay and adding creative patterns and textures. All final pieces can be air-dried or baked in a home oven. Featuring up-to-date, natural colors, these projects are deceptively easy and effortlessly chic.

Readers can personalize their home with useful, handmade items like coasters, candle holders and book ends, which make creative use of geometric patterns and shapes. It’s fun to get creative with home accents such as nesting dishes, floral platters, and even a mobile. With wall planters and hanging planters, readers can create unique homes for their many houseplants. This is the perfect primer to start making beautiful clay pieces at home, and get that handmade ceramic look without the expense and mess of studio pottery.

This book will have 40 projects, and 40 photos plus step-by-step images.

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