Dragonblood Ring

Dragonblood Ring

Amparo Ortiz

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320 pages | Hardcover 

In this action-packed sequel, Amparo Ortiz expands the world of dragon sports to illegal fight rings—it’s Fight Club with dragons!

After the Sire’s capture, teen athletes Lana Torres and Victoria Peralta travel to Puerto Rico with their former Blazewrath team. While Lana discovers her roots, nothing fills the void Blazewrath’s cancelation has left in Victoria. But it’s up to their team and the Bureau to protect their dragons.

But when reports of burning towns and kidnapped dragons dominate the news, Director Sandhar refuses to answer the girls’s questions. So they follow him into his Transport Charm into Le Parc Du Chasseurs.

In this French theme park, they find dragons forced to fight. When the Blazewrath World Cup ended, people turned to this illegal sport for wealth. So now, not only are the Sire’s followers looking to release him, the leader of this fighting ring wants the Puerto Rico’s dragons to fight in Bloodbath too.

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