Doctor Strange by Donny Cates

Doctor Strange by Donny Cates

Donny Cates, Nick Spencer, Gabriel Hernandez Walta, Niko Henrichon, Frazer Irving, Rod Reis

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360 Pages

Duplicity and Damnation! Evil is everywhere, and the world needs the Sorcerer Supreme more than ever. But the Sorcerer Supreme is now...Loki?! Say hello to the Master of the Mischief Arts! The Norse lord of lies has the cloak, the spells -he's even got Zelma Stanton as his assistant! So what happened to Stephen Strange? Down but not out, Strange may have one last play left in him - one that could shake the Marvel Universe to its core! But when Strange raises Las Vegas up from its destruction during Hydra's Secret Empire, he inadvertently hands the key to the city of sin over to the embodiment of evil, Mephisto! It will take an unlikely assemblage of heroes from all over the Marvel Universe to defeat Mephisto - but at what price?