Miki Agrawal

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240 pages | Paperback

Quit Your Day Job, Start Your Own Business, and Live Happily Ever After 


“Miki Agrawal is a real piece of work. It turns out that so are you. Once you read her high-energy book, you might be able to embrace the gifts you already have and go take advantage of them.”  —Seth Godin, author ofThe Icarus Deception


Is it possible to make a career out of something you love? How do you march through life with a purpose and get the most out of every second? Miki Agrawal, entrepreneur, angel investor, and cool-sh*t-doer, has figured it out and she will show you how.

In Do Cool Sh*t, she shares her adventures in entrepreneurship and life, from learning to step out of her comfort zone in a foreign country to achieving her dream of playing soccer for the New York Magic to partnering with Tony Hsieh of to launch her dream business. Now, Miki shows you how to start a business, fund it on a shoestring budget, gather the perfect group to brainstorm a business plan, test a product, get great (free) press coverage, and more—all while living a life to be proud of. 

She reminds you that it’s cool to care and to be proactive; it’s cool to mess up; it’s cool to work your butt off on something that is meaningful; and it’s cool to keep trying when the odds are stacked against you.