CHARYTÍN : El tiempo pasa. . . ¡pero yo no!

CHARYTÍN : El tiempo pasa. . . ¡pero yo no!

Charytin Goyco

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To this day, Charytín is considered as a living legend and one of the most recognized faces in Latin America across generations. With a 50 year career trajectory and a very distinctive brand, the most exuberant woman on television is speaking out for the very first time about all that we never had the chance to see when the cameras stopped rolling. Lauded by the likes of Jennifer Lopez and Gloria Estefan, Charytin is recognized as a pioneer Latina performer beloved by young and old alike.

From her painful childhood memories filled with bitter family secrets to the love of her life and the unique relationship they built together, Charytin recounts her story with the dramatic/comedic and over the top tone that uniquely identifies her. 

• Celebrity Anecdotes with Juan Luis Guerra, Camilo Sesto, Jenni Rivera & many more. 

• The “divorce kisses'' she shared with heartthrobbing actors in numerous movies.

• Her painful miscarriage and never-ending agony of working in an industry where being a mother is undermined and jeopardizes projects.

• The real reason she halted her singing career.

• Her disturbing nightmares filled with ghosts, premonitions and revelations, facing death, and the damage this strange “gift” provoked with her loved ones.

• The entire truth about the most talked about celebrity feud in the world of Latin entertainment: Charytín vs. the great Iris Chacón.

• Her endless battle against Alzheimer that ended with the loss of her dear Elin.

• Her more than 45 homes! A weird habit to escape from the material world and avoid rutine. Charytin has spent her life in boxes and moving trucks and does not regret it at all.

• Better dead than basic: after 50 years in the entertainment business, the always energetic show woman is not ready to give up and call it quits. There is not hurricane strong enough to stop her. Her dreams are still many and projects keep coming her way. As Celia Cruz told her once: “Chary, we, artists, never retire, we keep working until God says it is time to go to his side.”

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