Book Club Journal

Book Club Journal

Sanne Vliegenthart

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256 pages | Hardcover

Book Club Journal is a handy way to plan your reading material, organize your thoughts and think of discussion points

Thinking of starting a book group? Or running out of ideas for your existing one? Curated by the popular book vlogger, Sanne Vliegenthart of Books & Quills, this beautifully produced guided journal includes themed reading lists, space to record your thoughts and wise advice to help your book group run happily and smoothly.

This guided journal has more than 200 book suggestions across a wide range of genres, organized into themed lists including Classics Rewritten, Powerful Short Books for Busy Readers, Imagining the Future, Escape to Nature and Feel-good Reads. There are 50 templates to record your impressions of each book you read, as well as space to note down interesting points raised by other members of your book group.
Book Club Journal also includes advice to help you manage the meeting, from navigating group dynamics to hosting your book group digitally, plus tips on making time for reading when you're busy and - if all else fails - how to participate even if you haven't finished the book.
With timeless quotes on the joy of reading peppered throughout, this makes a gorgeous gift, whether for someone else or just for yourself.