Bloody Heart

Bloody Heart

Lark, Sophie

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The fourth book in USA Today bestselling author Sophie Lark's red-hot dark romance series, Brutal Birthright, follows the woman accidentally abducted by a mafioso and the two's second chance at love after one disastrous night.

When you get a second chance, you don’t wait for a third…

Simone Solomon lives in a gilded cage. She’s been raised to wealth, privilege, and above all, obedience. But one night, on her way to another tedious gala in the back of a limousine, Simone is abducted by a mafioso who intended to steal a car, not a girl…and everything changes.

Dante Gallo looks like a beast and behaves like one, too—until he lays eyes on Simone in the rearview mirror and falls hard and fast for his accidental hostage. Their attraction is irresistible, even if it’s completely wrong. They’re willing to risk everything for each other, but with one disastrous move, they’re split apart again.

After nine years of ignoring Simone’s perfect face on billboards and magazines, Dante thinks he’s finally moved on…but then he sees her in the flesh. He hasn’t forgotten. Neither has she. And now, fate has granted them a chance to reconnect.

But Simone has a secret. A mistake she fears even a beast like Dante will never forgive her for.

Perhaps what fate has really given them is the chance to make each other’s hearts bleed all over again.

Content warnings: pregnancy, dubious consent, violence.