Binding 13 (Boys of Tommen #1)

Binding 13 (Boys of Tommen #1)

Walsh, Chloe

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Trade Paperback
624 pages
Series: Boys of Tommen (#1)

Binding 13 is the explosive first installment of the beloved BookTok sensation from Chloe Walsh. Based in Ireland, the Boys Of Tommen series is bound to captivate and lure you into the world of rugby, love, and teenage heartbreak with the first Tommen couple, Johnny and Shannon.

He wants to save her. She wants to hide.

She’s damaged. He’s determined.

Fate brought them together. Love binds them.

Johnny Kavanagh has everything going for him. On the rugby pitch, he’s a force to be reckoned with, even plagued with a hidden injury. Everyone knows he’s heading straight for the top—but that means there’s no room for mistakes or distractions. Not even the shy new girl at Tommen College, the one with the sad eyes and hidden bruises. He needs to stay focused, keep his cool, and not let anything get in the way of the bigger picture. 

Except before he knows it, this lonely girl has become his only picture.

Life has never been easy for Shannon Lynch. Bullied and tortured, she arrives at Tommen College mid-way through the school year praying for a fresh start and desperate to shake off the demons that plague her. But when she meets the notorious Johnny Kavanagh on her first day, her plans to keep a low profile are at serious risk. As they fall into a complicated friendship and grapple with their undeniable chemistry, hidden pain and complicated secrets threaten to be their undoing—but Johnny won’t give up on Shannon.

No matter what it might cost them both.

Trigger Warnings: physical and verbal abuse, bullying, underage drinking, substance abuse, mature language, suicidal ideation, death, sexual harassment.