Basic Korean: Learn to Speak Korean in 19 Easy Lessons

Basic Korean: Learn to Speak Korean in 19 Easy Lessons

Soohee Kim

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Paperback | 352 pages 
With an emphasis on practical daily communication, Basic Korean is a great introduction to those looking to learn the language—whether on their own or with a teacher.

Learn Korean quickly and easily with the help of real-life conversations by native speakers, everyday Korean vocabulary and expressions, easy-to-understand grammar explanations, notes on social etiquette for those traveling to Korea and so much more!

With the help of 19 individual lessons, free online audio recordings, lively manga illustrations, comprehensive vocabulary lists and a bi-directional English-Korean/Korean-English dictionary, students get a complete overview of this exceedingly-popular language with the help of this book.

Each self-contained lesson contains the following key elements:
  • Authentic conversations to introduce new words and expressions
  • Vocabulary lists with an emphasis on everyday words and phrases
  • Simple notes explaining how to form sentences
  • Practice drills and exercises to help internalize what you have learned
  • Cultural notes explaining dos and don'ts, honorific language, etc.
  • Native speaker audio recordings to help with pronunciation

Whether used for self study or in a formal classroom setting, Basic Korean allows you to begin communicating from the very first lesson!