Agatha Christie

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272 pages | Paperback

Deluxe Modern Edition
Prior to our publication of Sophie Hannah’s new Poirot novel—a major publishing event around the world—we are reissuing Agatha Christie’s most famous novel in a deluxe edition. The bestselling thriller of all time, And Then There Were None is a timeless tale of suspense in which ten strangers, each with a dark secret, are mysteriously invited to a mansion on an uninhabited island and killed off, one by one

“The most baffling mystery Agatha Christie has ever written.” —New York Times

“Ten . . .” —Ten strangers are lured to an isolated island mansion on an island off the Devon coast by a mysterious host.

“Nine . . .” —At dinner, a recorded message accuses each of them of harboring a guilty secret. By the end of the meal, one is dead.

“Eight . . .” —Stranded by a violent storm, there is no hope of escape. Haunted by a nursery rhyme counting down one by one, the guests begin to die.

“Seven . . .” —As suspicions are raised and accusations fly, secrets begin to surface. But who among them is the killer . . . and will any of them survive?


Staff pick by Angel: 

"A pioneer of the "whodunnit", Agatha Christie brings her talents to give us the original murder mystery. We follow a house with ten strangers, each one brought there by mysterious circumstances. One by one, they start getting killed off by an unseen killer. All that they know for sure is that the killer is one of them. But who could it be?"


Staff pick by Carlos:

"Ten strangers, each guarding a terrible secret, are invited to an isolated island by a mysterious host. Once there, they are murdered one by one with only a cryptic poem providing any clue as to how they will die or who is next. If the premise sounds familiar, that's because this best-selling crime novel of all time has been paid homage to by hundreds of murder-mystery novels that came after. If you want a suspenseful whodunit that still holds up to this day, look no further than the Queen of Crime's magnum opus.

For fans of: Knives Out and Scream."

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