All We Are Saying

All We Are Saying

David Sheff

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288 pages | Trade Paperback

Originally published in Playboy in 1981 just after Lennon's assassination and reissued here from our original 2000 Griffin edition, All We Are Saying is a rich, vivid, complete interview with Lennon and Ono. Subjects covered include art, creativity, how to live, the music business, childhood beginnings, privacy, how the Beatles broke up, how Lennon and McCartney collaborated (or didn't) on songs, parenthood, money, feminism, religion, insecurity, and the deep romantic and spiritual bond between Lennon and Ono.

Sheff's insightful questions set the tone for Lennon's responses and his presence sets the scene, as he goes through the kitchen door of Lennon and Yoko's apartment in the Dakota and observes moments at Lennon's famous white piano and the rock star's work at the stove, making them grilled cheese sandwiches. Sheff's new introduction looks at his forty-year-old interview afresh, and examines how what he learned from Lennon has resonated with him as a man and a parent. This is a knockout interview: unguarded, wide-ranging, alternately frisky and intense.

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