All Along You Were Blooming

All Along You Were Blooming

Morgan Harper Nichols

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192 pages

Growth is made possible by rain.

All Along You Were Blooming is a dynamic collection of illustrated poetry and prose inspiring you to live boundlessly right where you are. With every turn of the page, Instagram poet Morgan Harper Nichols invites you to trust that there is purpose in every moment, knowing the Light will always find you.

Market trends indicate an increased appetite for poetry, and Instagram poet Morgan Harper Nichols brings new life to the genre, uniquely integrating her own four-color illustrations on every page. All Along You Were Blooming is best described as a "love letter" to the self, with proclamations of hope and affirmations to the soul lining every page. Her hundreds of thousands of followers will recognize the signature lyrical tones and brushstrokes they have come to love online, and they'll also appreciate how this new medium distinctively allows Morgan to extend her verse beyond the Instagram square into a full compendium of illustrated art.

Morgan's philosophy of grace resonates with a wide breadth of readers, and her rich imagery and vibrant artwork make this a beautiful gift for anyone seeking fullness, affirmation, or a fresh start. All Along You Were Blooming ultimately encourages and inspires readers to embrace their circumstances and find faith-filled fulfillment in the here and now, knowing no matter what happens, they can live boundless and free.