A War for Mutants: The New Soldier

A War for Mutants: The New Soldier

Alberto Cruz Perez

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Paperback - 181 pages

Many people's lives are in danger, especially those of the mutant race.

Sentry Run, a military organization, is trying to seize control of many cities. Making it impossible for anyone with abilities to maintain their existence. Mutants are people that have exceptional abilities.

Sentry Run believes that mutants should be exterminated for the sake of a better world, rather than fearing anybody who could use their ability for evil. They were merciless in their quest, even killing non-mutants if they didn't agree with their ideas. They have conquered a large number of regions.

Sentry Run is opposed by Art Gun, a minor military force. A group of individuals working alongside mutants to win the battle and live in a world of opportunity where mutants and non-mutants can coexist in peace. However, they seem to have become nearly hard to resist them. Sentry Run's army is mostly focused on superior technology, which allows them to build robots and provide excellent protection against any kind of mutant.

Art Gun can only hope that they discover mutants capable of defeating Sentry Run's army before it's too late.

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