Concert for Leah
Maria Landa

Concert for Leah

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Written in a format of four movements and a coda, the reader will travel through this text accompanied by musical terms. This is the story of a young girl with a prodigious talent for the violin, whose goal is to become a concert performer. In 1939 Leah, her parents and her sister left Hamburg for Cuba at Saint Louis, a ship full of Jews seeking to escape from the Nazis. The Cuban government rejects them and forces them to return to Europe.


Leah and her family are located in Paris. When the Nazis invade France, they are sent to Auschwitz, where Leah will see how her family, her illusions and her violin disappear. The memories will accompany her until the end of her days, as well as the number that was tattooed on her arm. Forty years later, a famous pianist faces an anguishing truth that will lead him to discover something devastating and that will make him understand the origin of his virtuosity.

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