We agree, do you?



At The Bookmark, we believe that books can change and transform your life.  Some books impact people so intensely, that more often than not, books have changed the course of history.  

On a daily basis, we meet people whose lives and way of thinking have been changed by a particular book.   As is expected, our daily conversations always turn to the subject of books; we always end up discussing what our fellow readers have shared with us about the books that have left and impact in their lives.  

We have come to find, that almost 100% of the time,
“No two persons ever read the same book.” 
Everyone we meet carries in their heart a different part of the book with them.   A special quote or phrase that meant so much, and touched so deep, in particular point in time,  during a specific moment in their lives and has stayed with them forever.

Do you agree?  What are your thoughts?

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