The Wrath and the Dawn is a retelling of the literary classic, Arabian Nights.

It tells the story of Shahrzad, a girl who volunteers to marry the young king of Khorasan, after he killed her best friend; and Khalid, boy king who marries a new girl every night, and kills her before sunrise. Shahrzad, in search for revenge, finds a way to delay her death until she figures that there’s a reason and a secret behind all the murders. But, her plans are at stake when her feelings for Khalid start to grow. Determined to end with this cycle of murders, Shahrzad and Khalid begin an uphill battle to follow their hearts.

A fight that can cost them everything.

The Wrath and the Dawn it’s a swoon-worthy experience. It takes place in a fictional Arabian style setting; it encompasses the mystery and uniqueness of this culture, with a bit of magic.

For those who enjoy forbidden love stories, in which the girl loves the guy she shouldn’t love and her heart is troubled by it, then this book is for you. Shahrzad and Khalid have a chemistry, you will feel they are perfect for each other. Their scenes are beautiful, sad, tormented, and always full of emotion. Sometimes I had to pause my reading and catch my breath, because my heart was about to explode.  Besides the forbidden romance, there are also budding friendships, family conflicts and political drama that give the story more depth, and intrigue.

This is Renée Adhieh‘s debut novel and I’ll personally read everything she writes from now on. Her writing style is captivating and magical. She creates a world, and develops a story that you can’t help but binge read.  This book felt like a fast read because I couldn’t put it down.  Once you start uncovering the secrets you’ll need to keep reading as more questions arise, all leading to an ending that will leave you wanting more.

This is the first in a series of two books.

The second book, The Rose and the Dagger will be on sale, next Tuesday, April 26th.

Review by: Melanie Barbosa


“If you would, give him the love that will enable him to see it for himself. To lost soul, such a treasure is worth it’s weight in gold. Worth it’s weight in dreams.”

“There is no one I would rather see the sunrise with than you.” 

5/5 stars
PG-13 rating: for non-graphic sex, non-graphic violence

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