Recap: The Jewel – Epic Reads Book Club @ The Bookmark

Amy Ewing - The Jewel

Epic Reads Book Club @ The Bookmark


We had an awesome time discussing #TheJewel and chatting with author Amy Ewing, at our monthly Epic Reads #BookClub meeting.

We sat down at 6:30pm, with our coffees and books in hand, ready to discuss our thoughts of The Jewel, and theories for the upcoming second book, The White Rose.

Later, we were joined via Skype by the amazing Amy Ewing; who answered our questions, listened to our theories on The White Rose, and indulged us by choosing dream cast.

Amy is amazingly cool and awesome girl… we are so looking forward to seeing and hearing more from her. 🙂

Maybe an in-store visit next time?  We’ll see!

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Couldn’t make it? Join us next time!

On Wednesday, February 25th we will be discussing#MyHeartandOtherBlackHoles by Jasmine Warga; on sale February 10th.

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